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Day 277: Very Unique

My son and I, who are both a little snobby about grammar, often bemoan the use of the term “very unique.” We say, “Unique means one of a kind!  How can something be very one of a kind?”  And we sneer a little bit, verbally and facially. (That’s how grammar snobs are.) So why did […]

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Day 2800: People who think they know everything

The Daily Bitch calendar knows something about people who think they know everything. I’m definitely not a person who thinks she knows everything. For example, last night I spent hours looking for the comet Neowise, not being wise enough to know that the time to view it around here had passed. Before I shut up […]

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ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about the title of today’s post is right here: ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about that photo includes the fact that I took it last night at Target. At times in my life, I’ve thought to myself, “That’s ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW.” Soon, though, I knew […]

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Day 906: Everything is an opportunity 

Everything is an opportunity is one of my beliefs about life. I don’t always feel that way, especially when everything is an excruciating pain but, even then, I’ll come around to the belief that everything is an opportunity sooner than later. Allow me to take this opportunity to explain why Everything is an opportunity is […]

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Day 105: Everything makes sense on some level(s)

This seems like an important topic to me. It really helps me to remember that everything makes sense on some level. (This seems to help other people, too.) It’s something that I tend to forget, though. It’s something that I keep re-learning, in new ways, as I grow.  (See this post, which people really seem to like, […]

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Day 872: Better keep it real — or whatever

I better keep it real — or whatever — by immediately confessing to you that I LOVE The Steely Dan tune “Pixeleen.” I better keep it real — or whatever — by telling you that, before today,  I hadn’t figured out a way to work that song into a post. I better keep it real […]

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Day 786: High Anxiety

I’m having a little high anxiety writing this post this morning, because I don’t want to be late for the second day of my group psychotherapy conference. I don’t know about you, but I can have very high anxiety about being late, especially for something like a therapy group, where being on time is expected, […]

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Day 778: Getting back to each other

Yesterday, in beautiful, non-New-England-ish* Southern California, my son and I had fun in the sun and mild weather while we were waiting for Ron Lynch to get back to us. If you don’t know who Ron Lynch is, let me get back to you about that, right now. Getting back to my 20’s, Ron Lynch […]

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Day 774: What’s the right thing to do?

“What’s the right thing to do?” is a question I can ask myself, quite frequently. Lately, I’ve been asking myself that question about: Preparing for a trip to California, starting tomorrow. Preparing for tax day, April 15. Preparing for my high school’s 45th reunion, some time in 2015. Preparing for the rest of my life. […]

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Day 770: Am I blue?

Am I blue? I have some reasons to be blue, this morning: More white-and-sometimes-blue snow is piling up around here, in Boston USA. Mary — whom I was looking forward to seeing, after her return from  a two-week vacation — won’t be coming in today to the hospital where we work together. I’m going to be the […]

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