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Day 3379: Stand up

I grew up with a very funny father who was a fan of good stand up comedy. I still remember watching TV with my dad and the way he would laugh out loud at comedians he liked. He would also sit in silence when stand ups were mean, unimaginative, or unfunny. During the 1980s, when […]

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Day 2986: What are you looking forward to?

Yesterday, in both my Coping and Healing groups, people shared what they were looking forward to. I’m looking forward to: another Coping and Healing group today, Michael’s stroganoff for dinner, the weekend, walks by the water, music, dancing, connecting, being in the moment, letting go of regrets about the past and worries about the future, […]

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Day 2501: Everything you’re handed

Everything you’re handed includes today’s blog and this image I captured with my hand  yesterday: Ready to be handed my thoughts about that? Eeek!  A talking napkin! I appreciate statements that start with “Please.” I try to compost when I can and feel guilty when I don’t. Unless somebody hands me a napkin, I often […]

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Day 2246: Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo! Who-Hoo is flying to L.A. today to attend a group therapy conference, sing a song, play the ukulele, host a dinner, and finally see The Tomorrow Show, starring her stand-up comedy teacher and comic genius, Ron Lynch? Who-Hoo is it? Is it you-hoo? Can I get a Woo Hoo! for any of my […]

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Day 2254: Love Letters

Today’s blogging love letter is inspired by a lovely conversation with loving WordPress blogger Debra, whom I loved meeting in Los Angeles on Friday. I told Debra that my son, Aaron, whom I love, does not read my blog and how he has told me that he will read all the letters, words, sentences, and […]

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Day 2225: Small Mouth Sounds

Yesterday, for my birthday, I saw a great production of the wonderful play Small Mouth Sounds, about a group of six people at a silent retreat. Before the play started, my boyfriend Michael made a small mouth sound when he noticed the incredible coincidence of his twin brother (who never goes to the theater) attending the same […]

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Day 2253: Every object has a story

I hope you don’t object to the idea that every object has a story, including all the objects in the photos I took during the last day and night of my week-long visit to Los Angeles: I go for days like yesterday, with many objects having interesting stories (did you notice that the popcorn at […]

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Day 1749: What’s your favorite picture?

What’s your favorite picture? What kind of question am I asking there? Am I asking … What’s your favorite movie? What’s your favorite image? What’s your favorite photograph of every photograph you’ve ever seen? What’s your favorite photograph that you’ve taken? What’s your favorite photograph in today’s blog?   My favorite picture in today’s blog […]

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Day 1695: Humans

I’m seeing lots of humans (and humanity) in Edinburgh, Scotland, during the 70th Festival Fringe.   Those last three photos include extraordinary humans Ron Lynch and Natalie Palamides. Ron suggested we accompany him yesterday to see Natalie’s wonderful one-woman show, LAID (reviewed here by humans) and so we did, with many other appreciative humans. That […]

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Day 1692: Traveling light

For as long as I can remember, whenever I travel, I travel light. That is, I bring along as little as possible. Personally, the less baggage I’m carrying around, the freer I feel. There are things I have to take, though, as I pack for today’s flight to Edinburgh. Those necessities are  my passport,  my […]

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