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Day 2764: Remarkable

It’s remarkable how many remarkably comforting and thoughtful remarks people have been leaving on this blog about the recent loss of our remarkable kitty, Oscar. It’s also remarkable, to me, how anybody can still support our remarkable U.S. President, who thinks it remarkable that he passed a cognitive test and remembered the words “Person Woman […]

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Day 1963: A Remarkable Journey

I find it remarkable that in this nineteen-hundred-and-sixty-three-day blogging journey,  I’ve used the word “Journey” in only one other title — Day 1463: Sea Journey.  It’s also remarkable to me that I’m writing “A Remarkable Journey” on day 1963, because 1963 has been the most remarkable year in my personal, remarkable journey. On my remarkable journey yesterday, […]

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Day 2815: The Sixties

Yesterday, the temperature here was in the sixties (Fahrenheit), although it did get into the seventies in the heat of the day. During the day, I uploaded to YouTube the song I wrote and performed for my 50th high school reunion on Zoom: “We Grew Up in the Sixties and We’re in Our Sixties Now.” […]

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Day 2657: Some things can’t be undone

Last night, after spending many hours in online therapy groups joining with people who felt undone by the COVID-19 pandemic, I saw Bonnie Raitt on our TV … … performing the song “Undone,” with the line “Some things can’t be undone.” Some things can’t be undone, like the USA’s initial reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, […]

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Day 2518: Mood swings

Yesterday was November 22, a day when I’ve often had mood swings.  Why? Because fifty-six years ago on that date, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and I had my first heart surgery to get my first cardiac pacemaker. After I swung myself out of bed, I put on my “I have mood swings” socks, […]

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Day 2130: Historic

In the entire history of this blog, I’ve never used the word “historic” in a title. Does that automatically make this post historic? Let’s check the definition: his·tor·ic /hiˈstôrik adjective famous or important in history, or potentially so. “we are standing on a historic site” synonyms: significant, notable, important, momentous, consequential, memorable, newsworthy, unforgettable, remarkable […]

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Day 741: Patterns

There are certain patterns I follow when I start writing a blog post every day, including searching through my old posts for my working title. Just now, when I searched previous posts for “Patterns,” I found these: Day 725: Fractal Day 663: Hard Eights Day 658: Missing and Coming Back Day 652: Magical Thinking Day 525: […]

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Day 734: Actually

“Actually” is actually a word I use a lot, in writing and in speech. I’m actually not sure why I do. My soon-to-be-17-year-old son, Aaron, actually asked me this question last week: Do you say “actually” a lot? and I replied: Yes, I do. I actually can’t believe that I didn’t take that opportunity to […]

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Day 372: Learning to re-approach

Today’s blog post is inspired by …. … a microwave oven. Not that particular microwave oven, which I found through Google Images*, but the microwave oven I just used to heat up something** my son agreed to eat this morning before he left for school. So why did a microwave oven inspire the title of […]

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Day 36: Adventure (meanings and meetings)

So this morning, I set off on an adventure. I’m flying by myself to someplace I’ve never been before. Now,when I use the word “adventure,” I  mean doing something new.  But I wonder if new-ness is part of the formal definition of the word “adventure”? Let’s find out. Here’s the first definition of “adventure” I found on-line: […]

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