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Day 2351: Long story, short

Because I’m hosting a retreat for group therapists at our home today, I need to make a long story, short. Yesterday, I had a long day in which I visited the hospital’s gift shop, facilitated a Coping and Healing therapy group, did individual therapy, responded on short notice to people in crisis, said “au revoir” […]

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Day 996: What’s the story?

What’s the story? What’s WHAT story? One story at a time. On my way to work, yesterday, I saw this … … and I wondered,  “What’s the story?” Whenever a story has parts unknown to us, we make up stories to understand, make meaning, and move on. When I saw those abandoned baby shoes lined […]

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Day 538: Shorter

This title of this post is inspired by a text exchange I had yesterday, with my friend Ray. Ray has shown up in this blog — along with his wife/my friend, Janet — in several previous posts, one of them being shorter.  * Here is the inspirational exchange: Ray: Hi Ann!  We’re looking forward to […]

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Day 505: How to tell a visual story

I’m not sure how good I am at telling visual stories. I probably have SOME things I could tell you,  about visual story-telling. For example, it’s good* to: Have visuals people can see, clearly enough. Make chronological or other connections among the visuals, in a credible way. Put yourself (and other compelling characters) into the […]

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Day 431: Why yesterday’s post was so short

Yesterday’s post was shorter than my CBN — Current Blogging Norm. I’ve written short posts before — like Day 28: Losing the investment in the outcome, Day 68: Barriers to Connection,  Day 85: You’ll figure it out,  and, especially, Day 95: A startlingly brief post (which is, essentially, one line: “We are neither as unimportant or […]

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Day 413: Zipping along

Today, I am flying back home, to a climate that will be more inherently painful to me than the weather in my current location. That is a given. But, maybe, just maybe, I will experience that pain differently than I expect. Yesterday, during my last full day in Boquete, Panama, I went zip-lining for the first […]

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Day 50: Sleep — Needs, History, Distortions, and a Wish

I’ve been struggling to get enough sleep lately.  I seem to be a person who can function pretty well without enough sleep. (Sometimes I think the world is divided into two types of people: (1)  People who can function “well enough” without taking care of their sleeping needs and (2)  People who can function well […]

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Day 2670: Yesterday’s news

“Yesterday’s news” is a phrase that was defined this way, yesterday: yesterday’s news PHRASE something that everyone already knows about and is no longer interested in. “People who think the environment is yesterday’s news are wrong.” Does COVID-19 meet the criteria for yesterday’s news?  Most people already know about it but interest remains high. COVID-19 […]

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Day 2597: Fabulous people

Even though I’ve met so many fabulous people in my life (and please see every one of my previous blog posts for fabulous proof of this), I’ve never written a post with the title “Fabulous people” before. Why that fabulous title on this fabulous day? Last night, I met a fabulous person at a fabulous […]

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Day 2568: Downs and Ups

Every day has downs and ups, for all of us. My day included many downs and ups, including worrying about performing a Steely Dan song and an original song at an Open Mic last night, buying a ticket to see Jacob Collier at Boston’s House of Blues in May, losing my lyrics sheet for my […]

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