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Day 1358: In the clouds

Usually, when I fly in the clouds, I take a photo, because the beauty of those clouds puts me in the clouds. Yesterday, when my boyfriend Michael and I flew from Boston to Minneapolis, I did not capture any clouds, because Michael (who usually stays home with the cats when I travel) had the best […]

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Day 2554: Clouds

While I’ve been in the clouds about my December 27th wedding to Michael, I’ve also been noticing clouds, including these: What do those clouds look like to you? Do you see a unicorn? a dragon? a face? hope? threats? something else? What does this look like to you? Some people have been like dark clouds […]

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Day 3000: Three Thousand Days of Blogging!

To celebrate my 3000th day of blogging, I am going to post a few typical photos. A seascape near where I live. A delicious and nutritious meal prepared by my husband Michael. A cat! The Daily Bitch Calendar for this momentous and precious day. Here are links to some blog posts from those 3000 days: […]

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Day 2117: Unprepared

I often feel unprepared, so I was unprepared to see this on a white board yesterday: I erased “unprepared …” to prepare the board for the topics raised by the members of the Wednesday morning therapy group: Are you unprepared or prepared for television, the paranormal, travel, gratitude, hope, sleep, pain, noise, too much, too […]

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Day 959: Really Scottish

Yesterday, my son Aaron, his aunt Deborah, and I went on a 12-hour  tour of the Scottish Highlands, which was … really Scottish of us. In reality, I’m not Scottish at all, Deborah and Aaron may have some Scottish blood, and Aaron looks … really Scottish, don’t you agree? Even though I am 0% Scottish, […]

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Day 646: Nothing like the sun

I was planning on creating a post today called “Message in a bottle (or a mailbox)” starring Sting’s song Message in a Bottle, a bill payment I mailed yesterday, and various other elements. However, yesterday evening, the erudite and poetic Jeff Schwaner invited me to a lunar event for today: Ann, I’m fully expecting you to […]

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Day 2714: What’s on the horizon?

When you look ahead, what’s on the horizon? Do you see clouds? darkness? light? hope? despair? change? stagnation? revolution? evolution? hate? love? indifference? violence? peace? misunderstanding? understanding? wounds? healing? ruptures? connection? What’s on the horizon in this photo? Here‘s “Beyond the Horizon” with nice scenery on the horizon. What’s on the horizon for comments about […]

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Day 2562: Moments you dream about

Because there are so many moments you nightmare about in today’s news, I choose to focus on moments you dream about in today’s blog post. I snapped that photo during some dreamy moments food shopping last night with my husband Michael. Many moments later, Michael produced more food moments to dream about. Earlier in the […]

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Day 2458: Sometimes life sucks

Sometimes life sucks, like when you lose an old friend to a terrible brain cancer that has killed another friend of yours. Sometimes you see a card that perfectly captures your experience. Sometimes you listen to the same damn song over and over again to comfort yourself, like when you’re driving to say goodbye to […]

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Day 2007: Don’t Look Back

Don’t look back at my recent posts, or you might see this: Don’t slavishly obey people who tell you what to do or not to do.  Look back if you want to — you might see something important. When I look back at yesterday, I see all these things, looking back.     When I […]

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