Day 3742: Control

When I write notes for my Coping and Healing groups, the list of discussed topics usually includes “what we can and cannot control.”

I often say, in group and elsewhere, that we cannot control other people’s behaviors but we can control how we react to them.

Last night, I couldn’t control how people in the 5:30 group responded to the breaking news of Trump being indicted, but I could control my response (which was to name their happy giddiness and then reinforce the structure of the group).

Do you see control in my images for today?

It seems that the Daily Bitch, who is funny that way, has trouble controlling her bladder.

During the almost-two-year process of repairing the severe water damage in our upstairs bathroom, there were so many things I couldn’t control, but I could control my reactions plus the tile choices for the remodel. Here’s the video the shower door installer created yesterday of the now-finished project:

You can’t control what I blog about, but you can control how you respond (perhaps with a comment, below).

I can control how I end these blog posts, which is always with gratitude for YOU.

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15 thoughts on “Day 3742: Control

  1. I have just vowed to break out in my unique little dance step 26.2 times today, Ann.

  2. Congratulations on the completion of your hopefully once-in-a-lifetime bathroom repair extravaganza. I learned quite a lot about shower leaks and structure damage as well as tile selection. It seemed like a stressful and expensive journey for you and Michael and I’m glad that you’ve reached the day of the dazzling reveal.

    That quote about gun control that you posted is stark and as we have more and more guns in Canada these days, I think the lessons apply here as well.

  3. Kelly Haran

    Really needed this today – Thanks Ann! Also, what a beautiful shower – enjoy. Had to chuckle at the Apple cords; that is something I’ve learned I can’t control. (My cat still thinks they’re chew toys.)

  4. I am a self-described control freak, but only about myself. Other people and animals do as they will, and I respond the best I know how: ignore, clean up, keep calm and carry on. 🙂

  5. right now we live in a state of ‘gun no control’ unfortunately. I ordinarily bristle at the idea of being controlled by anyone else, and to choose to control myself as needed, but in the case of guns, we need control .

  6. There are things I can’t control but that still make me happy, including seeing your shower finished, seeing that Peter Frampton still rocks, and seeing Joan who looks like she believes she’s completely in control.

  7. You’re in total control of the camera with Joan’s portraits!

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