Day 3740: Anger

Some people believe that depression is anger directed at the self. I am trying to avoid depression, here and now, by expressing my anger in this blog.

I have anger about

  • my country’s inability to ban assault weapons,
  • the erosion of the truth in public discourse,
  • systemic injustices towards marginalized people,
  • passive aggressiveness and other gaslighting behaviors, and
  • the intermittent, loud knocking in the walls when we use our new shower, which the plumber says can’t be fixed without tearing down walls.

Now that I’ve named those causes of my anger, I can think about what I can and can’t do to mitigate them (which helps me, at least).

Do you see anger in any of my images for today?


I get angry when I see “Texas Loves the Children Day” and think about the children in Texas killed by gun violence, but I’m not angry about this description:


Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “anger”:

I appreciate that talk about anger, especially this comparison of anger to a child: you don’t want to let it drive the car, but you also don’t want to stuff it in the trunk.

Thanks to those who help me accept and express anger and all my other feelings, including YOU!

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11 thoughts on “Day 3740: Anger

  1. The best cat meme for your theme is No, I’m Not Sorry. Yes, I Will Do It Again

  2. OK, Ann, backseat blogger here getting angry at your plumber … the knocking pipes problem should have been diagnosed by said professional before the OK was given to close the walls?

  3. I used to belong to the Theosophical Society, not because I professed any of its deepest beliefs but because they were nice people and I needed a welcoming space to go. At any rate, at one meeting I remember the theme was anger, and the seemed to embrace the idea that anger was always a harmful emotion. I expressed the thought that sometimes anger needed to be let out in a non-harmful way, and they disagreed with me. All anger is destructive. I still disagree.

    I have an illustrative .gif, but I can’t seem to copy it here. Will try later.

  4. I see love in that food prepared for you and for the love your cats give you. I see anger at the bathroom contractor, who after all that time, didn’t make sure everything was done right to completion. I really feel so much love for that crazy quilt patchwork cat. he’s got style.

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  6. The Anger
    and the
    a Challenger

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