Day 3737: Here comes trouble.

Last week, when the social workers at my hospital gathered together in person for the first time in three years for a team-building event, I didn’t think “here comes trouble” because I have a high level of immunity to COVID (completely boosted, with a recent bout of the virus in February).

When the social workers were asked to briefly introduce ourselves and perhaps include our favorite ice cream flavor, I said my name, where I worked in the hospital, “Rocky Road, and I’m wearing socks that say ‘here comes trouble.’”

Here comes trouble: since then, I’ve wondered if saying I was wearing “here comes trouble” socks was too

  • weird,
  • off-putting,
  • age inappropriate, or
  • awkward.

Here comes trouble — human minds usually search for the negatives to try to keep ourselves safe, but that can cause useless and troubling thoughts. There’s enough real trouble in the world without wasting time on “here comes trouble” cognitive distortions, like mind-reading.

Here comes some personal, health-related trouble. Before I test my INR with my home device every other Sunday morning, I’m feeling “here comes trouble” feelings and thinking “here comes trouble” thoughts. Here comes the explanation: if the number that appears on my measuring device is not between the small range of 3.0 – 3.5, here comes trouble for me. Since I had a mini-stroke in September when my INR was 2.4, I have the trouble of needing to give myself an injection if the number is below 2.7. Also, if the INR number is too low, my mechanical heart valve could get clogged and need replacement with another very troubling open heart surgery. And if the number is above 3.5, that could cause troubling bleeding.

Whenever I test my INR, I always have to wait what feels like a troublingly long time (probably only about 10 seconds) to find out if here comes trouble. Here comes my INR result for today from here-comes-trouble me …












Here comes relief! Now I’ll wait another two weeks to see if here comes trouble again.

Let’s see if here comes trouble in my other images for today.

Because I do my best to keep my INR in the no-trouble range by eating the right amount of spinach — which contains anti-coagulating vitamin K — every single day, here comes my celebration of National Spinach and Spinach Festival Day!

Let’s see what I find when I search for “here comes trouble” on YouTube.

Here comes gratitude from me for all who helped me write this here-comes-trouble post, including YOU!

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7 thoughts on “Day 3737: Here comes trouble.

  1. When I’ve seen your yellow car pull into my life, Ann, my thought has always been “Here comes fun!”

  2. yes, I do think our ‘go to’ is often to consider ‘what might, could, may or will happen,’ when I reality most of it won’t, so why not get on with living life? sometimes easier said than done as we all know –

  3. Nothing and nobody comes immediately to mind when I think “here comes trouble,” although I have had several troublesome visitors over the years. All in all they have added a little interest to my day. Maybe “the landlord is at the door” qualifies the most?

  4. Your INR is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet today. Also I’m part of a committee at work that meets every month and we start each meeting with an “icebreaker question” which I always enjoy because I learn fun things about the people I work with. But I also always worry I’ll somehow give a “wrong” answer.

  5. Debbie T

    Waiting for the results of those home tests (for whatever) is definitely anxiety-provoking–whether it’s 10 seconds, 2 minutes, 15 minutes, etc.

  6. puella33

    I always learn something from you . I can just imagine the suspense waiting for the outcome of a test. I always wish you well.

  7. That was an excellent INR reading, Ann. I felt the relief along with you. I have a tendency to be a worrier, so I guess “here comes trouble” must be on my mind more than I have previously noted. If I find a pair of those socks, I’m going to make a purchase! 🙂

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