Day 3733: Venting

Here I am, venting again for the 3733th day in a row!

Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to get more health care workers at my hospital to attend biweekly groups for venting about challenging patients. I’m venting, here, my concern that people might think that venting doesn’t help. Or, with all the other things they have to do, they might not think they have time for venting.

My experience as a therapist and a human being has shown me that venting can be very useful. Just by starting this venting blog post, I already feel better.

Of course, there’s more venting ahead.

The Daily Bitch, with her venting, is reminding me of those challenging people who take up too much space in our heads.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “venting.”

Also, while my husband Michael and I were venting our feelings about the news yesterday, he shared this video with me:

I wonder who will be venting in the comments section, below?

At the end of every blog post, I’m venting (to review, giving free expression to a strong emotion) my gratitude for YOU!

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17 thoughts on “Day 3733: Venting

  1. I love to vent with people I trust, and feel better after for sure. it looks like Joan created a giant rabbit shadow on the wall and that’s nothing to vent about, just enjoy

  2. My dear wife Karen and I feel comfortable venting to each other, Ann, and on we go through life! Oh, I’ll feel as young a I can today to mark the day.

  3. I was a challenging psychotherapy patient for awhile. I would be relieved to know that my therapist vented about me. (I think?) But I would rather not have been vent-worthy in the first place

  4. Better your health care pros vent to each other about the difficult patients than to break down and vent at the patient herself. When I was younger, I would “vent” to various friends in the guise of telling them funny stories. We would all laugh together. Now, in old ladyhood, I have nothing to vent about. Politics? Concern, but no rage. Family? I love them all as they are. I encourage them to vent at me, if they choose. So far, no takers. 🙂

  5. I can understand how you need to vent, Ann. You have something to offer in support and you know how beneficial it would be, and I hope more will take advantage of such a helpful proposition. And I think venting is very helpful, if I have a good listener on the other end! 🙂

  6. There’s a wonderful fairy tale of a king who had secrets he couldn’t share because if he did he’d be turned to stone. Finally he learned that if he went to the tallest tree in the forest, drilled a hole in its trunk, and said all his secrets into the hole he could then share them all safely. He made one mistake, though: he didn’t speak the secret of the tallest tree in the forest into the hole, and when he revealed why he could finally reveal all his secrets he was turned into stone.
    I think venting is good but it should be done with care.

  7. Really?? This is the “the 3733th day” of your blogging? Consecutive?? That is amazing!!!

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