Day 3731: Favorites

Last night, when I was having dinner with three of my favorite people — my son Aaron and my 1st and 2nd husbands — at a favorite restaurant of three of us, we talked about how some people think in terms of favorites and others don’t. It seemed like I was the only one at the table who liked to ask and answer questions about favorites.

Deliberately reaching for an awkward moment, I said to my son, “For example, who’s your favorite parent?” My favorite (and only) son smiled.

Do you see any favorites in my images for today?

It’s easy for me to act happy today because my favorite season is Spring!

Before I go to my favorite job ever (working as a group therapist at a major Boston hospital), I’ll look for “favorites” on YouTube.

You probably know that my favorite way to end every blog post is expressing my gratitude for YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3731: Favorites

  1. When I was growing up, Ann, I always thought spring started and the equinox was marked on March 21. Now they say it’s March 20. Things sure do change.

  2. I see lots of favorites here, and I love to ask, as well as answer questions about favorites, they often say quite a lot about a person and helps you to know them, and them, you, a bit better. at recent conferences, I told a parent that their child who is working on becoming more verbal, and when I try to practice conversations with the child, cannot name favorites, and they said that they’d never thought to ask their child that question about anything.

  3. So many funny things in your post today that I laughed out loud several times. Thanks, Ann!

    I love that you, Aaron, your husband and your ex-husband spend time together, and that you would ask Aaron who his favorite parent is, right in front of the other two. It’s delightful! I wish politicians could be like this.

  4. I’ve got a favorite ex-boyfriend (and his girlfriend now is my favorite girlfriend of an ex-boyfriend). I’ve only got one living ex-husband, so I guess he’s my favorite ex-husband now, but his wife (I call her my sister-in-law) is not a favorite. He calls me sometimes to talk about our daughter (my favorite daughter), and always tells me not to tell his wife. I’ve got a favorite son (an only) as well. So my life is just full of favorites!

  5. Jamie is my favorite Wyeth painter but Joan’s take on “Christina’s World” is my favorite reinterpretation of any painting ever.

  6. Joan is Fun

    A Red Mantle
    A Portrait
    with iPhone
    And Hula Hoops
    Joan is Fun!

  7. This is definitely one of my favorite posts, Ann. Most of your photos made me smile! Or laugh outloud! You are easily one of my favorite people. 🙂

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