Day 3727: Puzzles

Here are some of the puzzles I’ve been working on:

  • How to get doctors to attend group meetings — that have been shown to reduce burnout — when they are too busy to attend.
  • How to balance my own self care with the care of others.
  • How to write and publish an article about my therapy groups.
  • How to move forward with my song-writing “career.”
  • How to fix the seemingly intractable 68 errors in the information that was supposed to automatically and seamlessly transfer to my income tax preparation software.
  • How to do a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle in a house with cats.

I’m realizing, here and now, that it helps me to reframe problems and obstacles as interesting puzzles I’m trying to solve, rather than potential sources of pain and failure. That way, I approach the day with curiosity and excitement, rather than with dread and worry.

Do you see puzzles in my images for today (as I try to fit the pieces together)?

I will try not to feel really stupid solving tax (and other) puzzles on Companies that Care Day, Freedom of Information Day, and Everything You Do is Right Day.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “puzzles.”


Thanks to all who help me solve puzzles every day, including YOU.

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22 thoughts on “Day 3727: Puzzles

  1. I find the Goldilocks principle very interesting!
    Ann, I also want to have a look at the TED video, that you included.

  2. “How to do a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle in a house with cats.” Well, not to one up you but I once finished an 8,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling with about four cats in the house. It was done in stages, between two houses, but ended up missing only about 12 pieces. (hint: finished sections went under the couch)

  3. If you’re missing the last puzzle piece look in the cat’s bed…..

  4. Ann, the puzzle pieces unattached to the complete puzzle reminds me of things left undone. On your part by your to do list shows that you don’t let grass grow under your feet. Keep plugging away.

  5. Putting together a puzzle is supposed to help you relax, and with a cat it’s going to take even longer which means more time to relax. The puzzle there is not seeing that as a problem.

  6. I see Joan is your pupil, in this photo puzzle!

  7. Joan is keeping a wary eye on that scale. and I love puzzles and always have to find a way to work around my feline assistants, I consider it part of the puzzle experience

  8. Your table background adds interesting optics to your current historic art puzzle, Ann!

  9. Some cool cat photos there and also of floor tiles!

  10. Sometimes when I find a stray puzzle piece and I don’t even know which puzzle it belongs to, I find it as interesting to look at as the whole puzzle, especially if it is impossible to imagine how the colors on it could become part of a larger picture. Then I tried to build the puzzle around the piece, in my mind.

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