Day 3722: Choices

Every day, I have to make choices about what to do and not do, starting with the way I create this blog post. Sometimes my choices are rushed, like now, as I also engage in my last day at a group therapy conference in NYC and then my return home to Boston.

I have already made choices with the photos I have taken and will make choices about how I present them here.

Interesting choices for today’s holidays, some of which I don’t understand, yet.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “choices.”


Thanks to all who help me make choices every day, including YOU

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10 thoughts on “Day 3722: Choices

  1. I hope the weather-directors keep the path clear between New York and Boston for your safe return today, Ann. We’ve had some March winter the past 24 hours to the west …

  2. The food looks delicious!
    Thank you for sharing the fascinating and intriguing works of art. Some of them are scary! Some of them are familiar. And some remind me how creative people are.

  3. Debbie T

    I think we have the same “taste” in chocolate cakes.

  4. It’s clear that you made delicious food choices, and the art was very powerful for a variety of reasons

  5. Choices
    and Leaking

    The Sneaking Voices
    Of Moses

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