Day 3719: I am woman

I am woman and

  • I pointed out in a group yesterday that that women were interrupted way more often than men,
  • I have many wonderful women friends, including my life-long friend Barbara, whose birthday is today,
  • I know that women often have trouble accepting their own anger and their own awesomeness,
  • I’m very good at word games, and
  • as usual, I’m sharing the Daily Bitch Calendar and other images with you today.

I am woman and I’m glad I’m writing this post on Girls Write Now Day, International (Working) Women’s Day, National Be Nasty Day, and UN Day for Women’s Rights & International Peace.

Here’s what I find when I search for “I am Woman” on YouTube:

I’ve also been hearing this in my head as I’ve been creating this I-am-woman post:

I am woman and I am grateful to all the human beings who help me write this daily blog, including YOU!

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11 thoughts on “Day 3719: I am woman

  1. You are a fantastic person every day, Ann.

  2. Happy Women’s Day, Ann! Also, I appreciate so much your commentor Jaliya talking about “being” a Palomino in 4th grade and galloping everywhere, because I did *exactly the same thing* (down to the type of horse).

  3. Debbie T

    I see you in the Colbert audience there! You’re a national media star now.

  4. Marla Zavada

    I am so happy I found you on Twitter. I think your terrific. Love intelligence warm kind women friends. ❤️💯

  5. Tonight a woman in my writing group shared a poem about how angry she is about how women are being treated right now. I only wanted to offer my support but I was also honest when I said “Don’t change anything.”

  6. I pretended that I was a detective when I was young, had a club with my sisters and friend – the 4 crows.

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