Day 3690: Self talk

In my therapy groups, we often talk to each other about self talk. In general, people in my groups talk more kindly to each other than they talk to themselves.

I don’t know why so many good people have such harsh inner critics, resulting in negative self talk. I do know we can learn to talk to ourselves differently — with respect, kindness, and love.

And if we practice positive self talk, we’re more likely to talk more positively to others.

Do you see self talk in any of my images for today?

My self talk — like the Daily Bitch’s — also has to do with accepting exactly where I am right now: awake, not angry, blogging, and still recovering from COVID.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “self talk.”

Thanks to all those who help me turn my self talk into these daily blog posts, including YOU.

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10 thoughts on “Day 3690: Self talk

  1. I waved all my fingers toward Massachusetts, Ann, in honor of the day!

  2. My self-talk can sometimes be harsh, but I hope that Joan’s isn’t.

  3. I often interrupt my own self-talk to say, “You should be writing this down.” A million words may go through my head every week and never make it to paper. Or screen. Sometimes I feel certain I’ve lost something valuable. But that’s why I keep interrupting myself.

  4. it’s time for self-talk to take a break and simmer down, otherwise I won’t be able to hear what’s really happening in life.

  5. Its too easy to be judgemental, unkind, and talk harshly to ourselves!

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