Day 3689: Roles

Like anyone else, I fulfill many roles. In my role of blogger, I publish a post every day which, I hope, includes entertainment and information.

What roles do you see in today’s post?


Because I am still in the role of COVID patient (my fever came back yesterday), I am fulfilling my roles as group and individual therapist safely from home today.

Here’s what I find when I search for “roles” on YouTube:

I love Michelle Yeoh and Jackie Chan for all the wonderful roles they’ve played, and I’m really glad the filmmakers of Everything, Everywhere, All At Once rethought the lead roles.

Thanks to those who helped me create this “roles” blog post, including YOU!

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15 thoughts on “Day 3689: Roles

  1. Thank you, Ann, for educating and entertaining with equal aplomb!

  2. Debbie T

    Sorry to hear your fever is back! I hope it’s gone for good soon.

  3. I’ve often thought that if I had a chance at a role in a play or even a movie or TV show I’d like to be the villain. Villains always seem to have the most fun, and it would be a stretch since it’s so far from who I am really. At least I hope I’m not a villain.

  4. Awww, I am sorry to hear that your fever came back. Sending hugs (cool ones)

  5. sorry to hear you are still spiking but hopefully it is over soon. I would like to be a role model for children.

  6. The quotes you’ve shared are really excellent, Ann. I refer to my roles as my many “layers.” There are times I’m a little overwhelmed by them all, quite frankly! I do hope your fever is in the rear view mirror, my friend. ❤️

  7. I can’t act, but I have repeated the role of eldest child in most walks of life.

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