Day 3687: Scares

I’ve had quite a few scares in my long life. Today’s scares are related to the subzero cold, here and now.

I’m experiencing scares about people, animals, and pipes freezing. For me, scares are exaggerated when they are something new, and I don’t remember ever experiencing temperatures this far below zero. (I’m discounting wind chill factors, with their typical subzero scares).

I reduce scares by naming and sharing them (in case you haven’t noticed), so do you see any scares in my other images for today?

Just the thought of playing outside or being a mail carrier today is giving me scares.

The cold-related scares woke me up in the middle of the night and are preventing me from falling back asleep. I think my scares might abate once the temperature starts to rise, even just a little.

Yay! As the temperature goes up, my scares go down.

Here’s what I find when I search for “scares” on YouTube:


Thanks to those who help me create these blog posts no matter what the scares, including YOU!

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6 thoughts on “Day 3687: Scares

  1. These temps are very scary. I worry about my wild birds, and the deer that visit my backyard. I’m actually glad, right now, that we don’t have a dog. No reason to have to go outside. I miss her of course, always will…but during this weather it’s nice not to be out there trying to get her to do her job.

  2. We got to -6 real temp here overnight, Ann, and double-digit wind chill. I got three hours sleep total making sure our basement (and the water pipes) stayed considerably warmer than that. I’ll be happy when the temperatures go back toward the usual mark of somewhere near 32.

  3. Your pipes will likely be okay If you keep one of them running just a little. I recommend a bathtub or a sink, preferably on an upper floor. If it works here and it Winnipeg, it should work there! Good luck!

  4. I don’t think I’d be going outside. Saw that Mt. Washington had 120 mph winds and -45 degrees last night. We had a low of 25. Not bad at all in comparison to single digits and negatives. Stay warm and keep those faucets dripping.

  5. Those temperatures are very scary which is a good reminder that the pranks nature plays on us are scarier than anything we can come up with.

  6. we’ve had some double digit below’s in the last decade and no fun at all, stay warm and safe and it will be okay. this too shall pass.

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