Day 3686: Defining moments

I’ve decided that turning 70 years old is a defining moment for me. From now on, I will:

  • abandon perfectionism,
  • be more tolerant of mistakes, and
  • relax whenever possible (using Joan the cat as my teacher).

Do you see defining moments in my images for today?


Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “defining moments.”


Thanks to all who help me create and recognize defining moments, including YOU!

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8 thoughts on “Day 3686: Defining moments

  1. Leon Fairbanks

    Seventy years young (not to curse ourselves).

  2. (A day late) Happy Birthday!

  3. Debbie T

    I hope your resolutions work out. That would be great. I haven’t been super successful at deciding “I’m going to adopt a different approach” and then actually doing it. I slide too easily back into self-judgement and negative thinking. Though I’m not quite 70 yet, so there is still hope.
    On a completely different note, in those first 2 pix of Harley and Joan, they appear to be starting to follow a tennis match. Heads turned one way, then the other.

  4. I love that you are following Joan’s example … just keep out of the sink!

  5. good for you for giving yourself these gifts. Joan is just the yogi you need –

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  7. You define so many good moments in this world of ours, Ann.

  8. Happy birthday Ann, great shots of the cats!

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