Day 3685: Groundhog Day, again!

Well, dear readers, I made it to Groundhog Day, again, and age 70!

Whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow, there is no shadow here and it’s springtime in my soul. I’m so grateful for every precious year I’ve had and thankful that, against all odds, there’s more life ahead.

Even when I repeat mistakes and relearn lessons again (as we all do), it’s been a wonderful ride with no regrets.

Let’s see if there’s any evidence of Groundhog Day, again, in my images for today.


Even the Daily Bitch is thankful on Groundhog Day, again!

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “Groundhog Day, again!”


Thanks to all who are celebrating Groundhog Day, again, with me, including YOU!

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17 thoughts on “Day 3685: Groundhog Day, again!

  1. Debbie T

    Happy milestone birthday!

  2. Happy milestone birthday to you, Ann! I just raised my coffee cup to the east in salute to your big day, my friend.

  3. Happy,happy birthday, Ann!

  4. Happy Birthday Ann 💐🎂🎉💕

  5. Luis Del Castillo

    Happy birthday!!

  6. Happy 70th BIRTHDAY!!! love you and have a beautiful day♥️!!

  7. Happy birthday, Ann, and I’m reminded of a palindrome by an Anne–Sexton, that is, who wrote, “Rats live on no evil star.”
    Also I think Joan is a much better predictor of the weather than any groundhog. She seems very chill.

  8. happy birthday to you, ann and happy groundhog day to Phil!your meal looks wonderful and I would choose something (anything) in the pasta family for my special birthday dinner.

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