Day 3684: Cool

My COVID fever has come down, which is cool.

Also, I resolved the ticket problem I described in yesterday’s post, which is cool, and it’s VERY cool that my cool husband, Michael, is going to see the cool production of Frankenstein by the extraordinarily cool Manual Cinema with me in February, which is a really cool month in New England for several reasons.

I’m turning 70 tomorrow on what I think is a very cool birthday to have, Groundhog Day. Today is my last day to be in my 60s and I’m completely cool with that.

Do you see anything cool in today’s images?


On National Baked Alaska Day, I think it’s cool to share that Baked Alaska was my favorite dessert when I was a kid and I had that for the first time in decades this past weekend.


I thought it would be cool to compare the two versions of “Cool” from the 1961 and 2021 West Side Story films.


What are your thoughts and feelings about this “Cool” post?

Thanks to all who help me keep my cool every day, including YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 3684: Cool

  1. Luis Del Castillo

    Your blog is cool…. And so are you!

  2. Have a cool final day in your 60s, my hip friend Ann!

  3. Debbie T

    Your bathroom is coming along nicely! I love those tiles you chose.

  4. I am so relieved to hear that your fever has come down. Happy birthday in advance!

  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Back in the ’90’s then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair had his “Cool Britannia” campaign, and the comedian Ben Elton responded, “The truth is you can’t buy cool and you can’t create it with a label. Wearing the right clothes only takes money while wearing the wrong clothes takes initiative. And what, I should like to know, is so great about being cool anyway?”
    That was definitely a cool response, in many ways.
    I hope you have a cool birthday, and to me you will always be cool.

  7. bye, bye to your 60s, and welcome to your adventurous 70s!

  8. It will be cool if you have a happy birthday

  9. You are right to think 70 is a cool birthday. Your 70s are a truly sweet spot in life. You will carry on being yourself, with plenty of energy and a little more time and wisdom. Many adventures lie ahead, in your mind and heart and brain and yes, your body 🙂

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