Day 3681: That’s the story of my life

Yesterday, my husband Michael said “that’s the story of my life” regarding something negative, which I’ve heard a lot in my life.

Most of us have negative narratives (like “I never get what I want”) that cause us to say “that’s the story of my life” when things don’t work out. It’s important to realize “that’s the story of my life” also includes exceptions to those narratives, since the stories of our lives are complexly rich with negatives and positives, too.

I almost said “that’s the story of my life” yesterday when somebody resisted listening to me and made it difficult for me to get what I needed. I felt helpless and beaten thinking “that’s the story of my life” until I remembered a traumatic experience in the hospital many years ago when an anesthesiologist callously refused to honor an easily-granted request from me. After realizing “that was then and this is now” and that I wasn’t doomed to repeat negative experiences, I was appropriately assertive yesterday, got what I wanted, and proved again that “that’s the story of my life” includes good outcomes too.

Yes, “that’s the story of my life” means problems but also solutions, uncertainties but also resolutions, rejections but also loving relationships.

When I look at my images for today I think, “that’s the story of my life,” in a good way.


Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “that’s the story of my life.”


Thanks to all who make the story of my life better, including YOU.

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11 thoughts on “Day 3681: That’s the story of my life

  1. OK, Ann, little story about my thinking: My dear wife Karen and I went pants shopping for me brick-and-mortar yesterday because we had to send some mail-order trousers back that didn’t fit me properly. I of course wanted to show how they looked to Karen, so I asked the clerk if it was OK to leave my wear-there pants hanging and model the store pants for her. Sure! But when I returned, he’d given my booth to another customer! Hey, my pants are still in there, I stated (my wallet and phone, too!). The second customer heard me and came out quickly, apologizing and saying she only went where sent. Instead of thinking that was the story of my life, I considered it was the story of the busy clerk’s life. All was well, but the pants still did not fit me satisfactorily!

  2. all stories are subject to edits and we just have to remember that =

  3. Oh my gosh! I am not sure what I am seeing. Is your newly tiled shower almost done? But, did they have to cut into the floor suddenly, right at the front? It looks like we can see through the floor but I’m not sure if that’s what I have seen. I’ve never seen anything like that before. By the way, the tiles are beautiful, even with the spacers still in.

    • Thanks, Maureen! Yes, the story of the shower remodel is coming to an end. I think you’re seeing an optical illusion when you look at the front. Thanks for always making the story of my life better.

  4. Your experience confirms what a long time writing stories has taught me: every story can be rewritten.

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