Day 3679: One-off

This blog post is a one-off because no other post of mine has and will use this title. Here’s a definition of one-off:

Here’s a one-off question I asked last night on Twitter:

I assumed I would get very different types of responses to that one-off question and I did. Somebody with PTSD responded with this very helpful chart:

Many of us think something bad is going to happen again, even if it only happened once (and was therefore a one-off). On the other hand, many of us hope for something good to happen again, even if that was a one-off.

I guess we don’t know if anything is truly a one-off if we have more days ahead of us.

Do you see any one-offs in my other images for today?

If I ever meet a truly awful person, I hope that will be a one-off.

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “one-off.”

I look forward to one-off comments from you and thanks for reading this one-off post!

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9 thoughts on “Day 3679: One-off

  1. I had no idea today is chocolate cake day and I’m going to help to remedy that by celebrating asap. this is a one-off for me.

  2. Thank you for showing me Joan on the roam, and now I’m off to look at Beth’s blog, Ann.

  3. I think that is Joan camouflaging herself in the shrubbery. What a sweetheart. I love that she is having an adventure. Adventures with Joan are something you and she can look forward to as they are not a one off.

    I made miso parmesan pasta last night. Not sure yet if that will be a one off. 🙂

  4. I don’t know what it says about me that I never expect events to repeat themselves. If something good happens more than once I’m thrilled, but every event is distinct so nothing ever really repeats. For instance I’ve seen lots of pictures of Joan out walking but I’ve never seen her hiding in a bush before, which was a real treat.

    • When she hides in bushes she is difficult to capture photographically, Chris, so that day she was off after birds in a small tree!

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