Day 3676: Shocking

My husband Michael and I have been watching Deadwood, which was considered shocking when it debuted in 2004 for its extremely profane language. I assumed the language wouldn’t be shocking now but, much to my amazement, it still is.

Why is the language shocking to me? I think it’s because of the shocking anger and cruelty of several of the main characters. Somehow, despite all the anger and cruelty around us, it’s still shocking.

While I work towards acceptance and peace of mind, I’m grateful I still find some things shocking — shocked seems better than numb.

Do you see anything shocking in today’s blog post?

Okay, you bitches, here’s Randy Rainbow and his latest masterpiece about shocking behaviors in the USA House of Representatives.


Thanks to all who helped me create this shocking post, including YOU.

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6 thoughts on “Day 3676: Shocking

  1. thanks for the post, so informative, it’s the 80th anniversary since the “Gas Chambers” happened, i’m still shocked, i still find it hard to imagine, but the lesson in it gives me great reason to hope, enjoy the weather, sounds cold but also warm, cheers…

  2. I am pondering doing my small part for beer can appreciation day a bit later, Ann.

  3. Yes, I am still shocked by mass killings and even singleton killings. And I am struck by wonder at some people’s empathetic and courageous acts, too.

  4. With all that’s going on in the world, and even with what’s going on right here in the U.S., somehow the fact that many people will respond to horrific tragedies with kindness and support is one of the few things that doesn’t amaze me.

  5. I remain shocked that death by gun continues, no matter how often and how many are lost.

  6. I actually had this conversation with a cousin just today. I told her that it still surprises me that I can be shocked by insensitivity to others, or unkindness. We see examples of it every single day, and yet each and every time I feel surprised. I guess it’s hard to accept some realities!

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