Day 3670: Brain space

I just searched for a definition of “brain space” online and and found this…


… and this:


I actually meant “brain space” and I asked a question about it last night on Twitter.

We over-thinkers often give too much brain space to difficult people and situations we can’t control. Here’s a famous quote from Ann Landers about that:

What’s taking up brain space for me, here and now, is an echocardiogram test I’m having this afternoon. I’m hoping the results show my mechanical valve working properly, because needing another open heart surgery would take up way too much brain space.

Home repairs and potential problems also take up too much brain space, but I’m working on that.

Can you see other things taking up brain space in my images for today?

Today, I choose to give brain space to cats and Winnie the Pooh.

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “brain space.”

That Scrubs clip about Dr. Cox’s brain space reminds me of a college professor telling his class that he was not going to learn any of the names of his students “because whenever I remember a student’s name, I forget the name of a fish.”

I always have brain space for gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me find the brain space to create this blog post, including YOU.

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20 thoughts on “Day 3670: Brain space

  1. I’ve now allowed some of the space in my brain to wishing for good results in your important heart test today, Ann.

  2. Many incoherent reactions — ran across this too early in the morning, probably. Love the cats in the Scream remake. I feel like my brain space is dwindling. I thought that Dr. Cox clip showed that he had the empathy of a fish. I hope you are not facing another OHS.

  3. I recently recalled a situation from 1972 that I could have handled with more grace. For nights before sleep, I obsessed with how I might have handled it instead of how I did. I came up with several really good solutions to the situation, half a century too late! LOL! Complications because it involved prejudice against black Americans, a former Nazi (probably – he was of an age…), a chance to moderate between two antagonistic cultures on a German bus and trying to do it in perfect German (…as one only can speak in dreams! LOL!), there were lots of turns and twists to sort everything into order, a Rubic’s cube of potential outcomes! I was soooo happy when this worked itself out so I could sleep peacefully again.

  4. Good luck with your echocardiogram today, Ann!

  5. I was just thinking about your last heart surgery and Michael’s posts a few days ago after a photo of one of his particularly appealing meals. Good luck with the test today. I hope it shows perfection so your brain remains spacious.

  6. Work is taking up entirely too much of my brain space these days. I just had a long vacation thanks to the end of the year but my brain is already telling me I need another.

  7. our goal may be to fill our brain space with only our favorites or necessary information. I love the professor’s quote

  8. With brain space as a vacuum two objects can’t occupy the same space at the same time. Now, the question is, is the occupant worthy of that space? The answer is in the effects derived from that occupant. If not satisfied, time to evict and bring in the contrary.

  9. Your college professor apparently didn’t realize brain space isn’t finite. What an ass. Ironically, what’s been taking up a lot of my brain space lately is consciousness… which doesn’t emanate from the brain (scientists are finally realizing). I love the daily bitch. Why all the hoopla about gender reveals? Seriously! Especially in this day and age of gender fluid kids. (I’ve got a few nieces, a nephew, and second cousins who are non binary).

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