Day 3667: Without googling

Where would we be without googling? I’m not sure, but lately I’ve been noticing questions on Twitter that start with “Without googling,” like this one:

Therefore, I decided to ask questions beginning with “Without googling,” too.

Without googling, I know that many people on Twitter are smart, funny, and otherwise awesome.

Without googling, I captured all of these images:


Without googling, I can’t find the holidays for each day.

Without googling, what song am I going to include in today’s blog post?

Without googling, who is very grateful for all those who help her create this daily blog?

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13 thoughts on “Day 3667: Without googling

  1. Golly. Dan Rostenkowski popped into my head at the first question. I knew he was an IL politician, but had to…google him to find out he was chair of House Ways and Means for years and in office for the usual amount of time–40-odd years…

  2. Do people remember having to wait until the library was open and then having to figure out how whatever it was might be listed in the card catalog and then hunting down the books by the Dewey Decimal system? Of course, I still do this, but at least the searches are easier and more fruitful with electronic card catalogs…just had to add that…

  3. I was just playing the “Mnah Mnah” song for my 3-year-old granddaughter yesterday. It’s still in my head! Nobody’s mentioned it for years so it feels very coincidental that it showed up in this post.

    Without googling, I know how to find your blog, Ann.

  4. I would put my computer aside, get out of my chair, wander across to my library, and consult real books

  5. puella33

    I would probably consult wikipedia, if i didn’t have google. I agree with your tea bag quote. Have a nice week, Ann

  6. Without Googling, I know it’s Cracker Jack, not Cracker Jacks, Ann. I’d have to Google to figure out who the namesake Jack might be, though.

  7. I can actually remember when I first lamented the library’s shift away from card catalogues and I had such a strain trying to understand how I was going to “research” books or generally use the library as a source of information. I suppose I liked the old ways. But now! I can’t imagine what I’d do without Google, but I’m sure my mind has atrophied some. I don’t have to recall things like I once did. On the other hand, I know more useless information. 😀

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