Day 3664: What I’ve Found

Yesterday, I found the confidence and the skill to facilitate a group for the doctors at the hospital where I work. I’ve found that I often get anxious about doing something new, especially when it’s important to me, but it usually turns out fine.

Here are other things I’ve found lately:

  • my phone, after losing it on the day I wrote a blog post about losing things,
  • an Artificial Intelligence website where you can chat with famous people, including Jane Austen,
  • joy in the prospect of turning 70 years old on Groundhog Day,
  • all the tiles for our shower remodel, and
  • what’s pictured in my images for today.

I’ve found that I don’t have to work harder, for heaven’s sake, but I am telling my ex-husband (who reads this blog but sometimes just looks at the pictures of Joan) that today is Kiss a Ginger Day (since our son Aaron is a ginger). Also, I’ve found that it helps to remember my late father (also named Aaron) who was a pharmacist.

Here’s what I’ve found when I searched for “what I’ve found” on YouTube:

I’ve found reading your comments so valuable (even if it takes me some time to respond).

I’ve found gratitude for everyone who helps me create this daily blog, including YOU!

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14 thoughts on “Day 3664: What I’ve Found

  1. I am so happy to hear that your new group worked out yesterday, Ann! And I love that your ex-husband reads your blog and sometimes mostly looks at pictures of Joan. These are two wonderful things.

  2. I like that tortoise. Its shell is quite green. I’m wondering now what it’s like to facilitate a group of doctors. Joan’s harness looks like it fits really well.

  3. One thing I share in common with your ex-husband is I always find Joan delightful.

  4. In reference to what I’ve found, over the past few years I’ve found compassion. Both for myself and for others. Glad to know it’s national tea day because I love tea. Great topic!

  5. I so love that you lost your phone that you blogged about losing things on. (not that you were worried about it though, just the irony). when I was very young, i found a $5 bill and I thought I was in heaven.

  6. So glad it went well. Joan looks very comfortable too 💖

  7. You find interesting things daily, Ann, because you carry the spirit and intellect of an explorer.

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