Day 3659: Laughing at mistakes

In a therapy session yesterday, I realized I could be laughing at mistakes, rather than dreading and fearing them.

Because we all make mistakes, laughing at mistakes means unlimited doses of “the best medicine.”

Is there any laughing at mistakes in my images for today?

On National Pass Gas Day (the day after National Bean Day), here’s what I find when I search for “laughing at mistakes” on YouTube:

Who wants to join me in laughing at mistakes?

Thanks to all who helped me write this laughing-at-mistakes post, including YOU!

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5 thoughts on “Day 3659: Laughing at mistakes

  1. I was talking to an English literature librarian once and made the mistake of bringing up the belief that some people have that Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford, was the real author of Shakespeare’s plays. I made up for it by sharing this story, which the librarian had never heard: De Vere once bowed before Elizabeth I and farted. He was so embarrassed he left the court and didn’t go back for seven years. When he did return Elizabeth said, “My dear friend, I have missed you and am so glad to see you again. I had quite forgotten the fart.”

  2. I am a huge fan of laughing at my mistakes, makes them so much better.

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  4. OK, Ann, I’m all in.

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