Day 3651: Highlights

As the end of every year, I make a list of my personal bests and worsts — the highlights and the lowlights.

Yesterday, I told my son that he’s always a highlight, no matter what the year. We also discussed how it can be easier to remember the worsts than the bests, so it might take effort to remember the highlights.

I expect that our trip to NYC today will be a highlight of 2022. Can you see highlights in my images for today?


The Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning musical “A Strange Loop” is sure to be a highlight of our trip to NYC. Here are highlights from that musical:

Thanks to all those who are highlights to me, including YOU!

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4 thoughts on “Day 3651: Highlights

  1. It’s been quite a 2022, most certainly, Ann. Happy New Year to you, Michael, Aaron, Joan, Harley and all your family and friends who make me smile and think when we visit together here!

  2. Have a wonderful trip to NYC!!! I hope it is a highlight of 2022 and 2023

  3. puella33

    Happy New Year, Ann.

  4. happy new year and enjoy your adventure ! my highlight was connecting in person with humans again –

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