Day 3650: Changes over time

I’ve been contemplating changes over time because

  • We’re approaching the end of another year,
  • I’m approaching my 10th anniversary of daily blogging,
  • I’m approaching my 70th birthday,
  • My 24-year-old son (who has changed over time, of course) and I have been talking about changes over time,
  • Plans for our shower remodel are FINALLY set after many changes over time, and
  • There have been changes over time at Twitter (and everywhere else, actually).

Do you see changes over time in my images for today?


Here’s what I find on National Tick Tock Day when I search YouTube for “changes over time.”

What are your thoughts and feelings about changes over time?

Timeless thanks to all who experience changes over time, including YOU.

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9 thoughts on “Day 3650: Changes over time

  1. 365 x 10 = 3650. Wow! Ten years of sharing your thoughts and connecting with us through your blog,The Years of Living Non-Judgmentally. What an extraordinary undertaking for you, and an extraordinary experience for me.

    I remember that your blog was at first called “The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally,” and “year” was singular. I thought you might wrap it up at the end of the year and was delighted when you chose to continue your blog, add an “s” to “year,” and nurture your community of readers by continuing to respond to our comments.

    The nature of your blog has changed a bit through time as your life and reasons for writing it have changed, I think, and every post has contained something revelatory or heart-changing in some way, in a thoughtful sentence or a casual photo. We readers just had to bring ourselves. I don’t know how you managed to post every single day, as you did, even when travelling.

    I remember in the early days always using the Canadian spelling for judgement, and then teaching myself to spell it the American way. I learned a lot about you (a remarkable person) and about how you dealt with anxieties and your heart condition that required extra care, and your parenting style, and your approach to therapy, and about friendship and life and taking opportunities and having fun and forgiving oneself and others.

    Thank you for ten years, Ann. And, congratulations!

  2. here’s to a great 10 years and many more to come, as long you keep on enjoying it. I think changes over time are the way of the universe. everything is temporary, and our peace comes in accepting that.

  3. puella33

    Everything and everyone change over time- Hopefully for the better Happy New Year , Ann to you and the blog group

  4. We change sometimes without realizing it, Ann. I hope 2023 is better for you and me and all of us.

  5. Changes over time: technology, medical science, gas prices, cost of living, architecture… you name it – change is what you can count on. Only God remains constant!

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