Day 3637: Advice

Because I’ve been struggling with some decisions lately, I’ve been asking for advice.

Advice can be confusing, as we might see in these quotes about advice:

My advice is that we look for advice in my images for today.

My advice is to not get chocolate on your ugly Christmas sweater today.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “advice.”

One last piece of advice: express gratitude whenever you can.

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15 thoughts on “Day 3637: Advice

  1. I hope that making your decisions is not too stressful, Ann.

  2. I happened to be entwined in my own higher education when ‘Animal House’ came out, Ann, so I will forever be happy seeing any dance scene featuring the late, great John Belushi from that comedy. Six years of college down the drain indeed!

  3. So many good dance scenes, I couldn’t choose. I hope the decisions drop into place all at once with a sense of relief very soon.

  4. My favorite advice has long been to listen to my heart, mostly because when I’m in conflict it’s usually because my brain is sparking fear and lies at the same time as my heart whispers the answer I need to go with. I’m always a sucker for dance scenes near the end of movies, like, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, and Footloose.

  5. looks like both cats are patiently waiting to give you advice. I know that cats in general do only what they want at any given time, and don’t really care what others think of them. if they make the wrong choice, they move on. maybe good for people too? my fav dance scene is from Napoleon dynamite, when he dances to Jamiroquai.

  6. It’s not a big dance scene but Robert Preston leading three young men around the library in The Music Man is a favorite of mine. I try not to give advice but I do recommend that film.

  7. My advice for today: stay home and stay warm. Did we take my advice? No! Now our car is stuck 50 yards out there in the driveway and we had to walk over the ice & snow in ccccold wind & snow to get inside. Help!

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