Day 3626: Bathtubs

As we’re redoing our bathroom, I’ve been planning on replacing the bathtub, since I’ve never used it in the five years we’ve lived here.

However, instead of replacing that old bathtub with a new-fangled and smaller soaking tub, I’ve decided to keep it, realizing that I can escape the pattern of non-use and enjoy it for what it is.

One thing that prevented me from using that bathtub was such a little thing — it didn’t have a stopper for the drain. After two tries, I’ve recently found one that fits.

It occurs to me that something small can interfere with my moving forward and appreciating what I already have.

Time to move forward and share my other images for today!

I’ve spent so much time searching for “bathtubs” online, but let’s see what I can find on YouTube here and now.

Just so you know, that “bathtubs” video has gotten 64 million views, 209k likes, and 3.5K comments in 10 months.

Thanks to all who helped me create this bathtubs post on Bathtub Party Day, including you!

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16 thoughts on “Day 3626: Bathtubs

  1. Glad you found the right stopper for that cool looking tub, sure to give you warm soak comforts now, Ann!

  2. I’m so glad that you found a stopper for your bathtub! I love to have a bath and when I am in a hotel or someone’s home that doesn’t have a stopper further tub I usually rig one up with a face cloth. Had to do that at a hotel this past Friday night. You can usually buy them for a few dollars online or at Home Depot or someplace like that.

    Here’s to you getting more enjoyment out of that tub in the future! It really looks like a fabulous tub.

  3. It’s the little things that stop us from moving forward — a plug, the weather, running out of sugar to make cookies. But with one motion we can fix that. Sometimes we just don’t want to fix it. We stop moving. Hopefully we get over it and get back on the right path again.

  4. Debbie T

    Yes, it is really amazing how many times some small item or issue blocks the way for making progress.

  5. Joan’s platform may not take up a lot of space but she’s very wise in the ways of the world, and that’s no small thing.

  6. I love talking baths! My tub is tiny, too but very comforting. I’ll be sure to have a bathtub party tonight.

  7. I love a deep soaker tub! And I’m glad you’re keeping yours now that you’ve found a plug. Sometimes it really is the small things that that stop us in our tracks.

  8. In earlier times in UK when bathtubs were being given to poor tenants there was a widespread belief that they would store coal in them. At least the contents of yours look cleaner.

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