Day 3615: Gratitude

I express gratitude in every blog post, but today gratitude is front and center.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “gratitude.”

I have gratitude for so much, including YOU.

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13 thoughts on “Day 3615: Gratitude

  1. happiest of days to you and yours ann. at school, we’ve been talking about the First Nation people, on whose land we all now live, and that it came to us in ways that were not always fair or kind and it’s important to know their story. we also have been working on what is a family, and why they gather and why it is so important as a way to connect and continue traditions and rituals, each family in their own way. next week, we’ll be cooking together and having our own classroom gathering to share a table and commune

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Ann!
    Looking at your jukebox question, you nudge me back to the 1980s when I’d walk into the journo-bar across the street from the big daily after my shift on Thursday night (Friday and Saturday were my days off) and immediately press the button for Loverboy’s catchy (still to me) song Working for the Weekend.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Ann! Always grateful for you and your posts! 🥰

  4. Beautiful kitties…and the gratitude short video was absolutely beautiful. Thank you. I am grateful for YOU!

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  6. Happy American Thanksgiving to you and the Americans here, Ann. I am thankful to be in your circle of friends-who-love-Joan-and-Harley.

  7. You are a beacon for positivity, thankfulness and gratitude, Ann, and that’s why I am always so glad to stop by for a visit. ❤️

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