Day 3614: Silly

If somebody called you “silly,” would you take it as a compliment or an insult?

Is that a silly question? I’ve heard somebody say that there are no silly questions, only silly answers.

Here’s an online definition of “silly.”

What nincompoop wrote that completely negative definition of “silly?” Let’s check some silly quotes for a wider perspective.

Maybe it’s silly to share a quote today about Spring, but maybe that’s not a bad thing.

I’m sure I have more silly images to share with you.


Here’s “How Silly Can You Get?” from one of my favorite silly movies, Top Secret!

How silly can you get?

Thanks to all who visited today’s silly post, including YOU!

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10 thoughts on “Day 3614: Silly

  1. Silly is one of those words where you need to hear the tone and inflection, Ann!

  2. I think there is nothing wrong with a bit of silly in all of our lives, sometimes it’s good not to take ourselves so seriously –

  3. The only time I ever saw my mother cry was briefly at my brother’s funeral. She apologised for being silly and was simultaneously told by my sister and me that the tears were not silly.

  4. Whenever I’m called “silly” I consider it one of the best compliments I can get. It’s also wonderful that Jim Carter, who played the extremely not-silly Carson on Downton Abbey, played the extremely silly Deja Vu in Top Secret.

  5. puella33

    I suppose it depends on who’s calling me “silly” and in what context. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dear ones, Ann

  6. I have a very good sense of humor, but in general I find it very hard to move over to silly! I wish I had that freedom. Now, I have a husband who knows how to embody silly! It’s a nice quality.

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