Day 3612: Weirdos

How many weirdos can you find in today’s post?

This weirdo loves stuffing and red mittens; gingerbread cookies not so much.

Here’s “Biutyful” by the Weirdos.


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15 thoughts on “Day 3612: Weirdos

  1. That’s weird and a bit scary that somebody tried to be you on Twitter, Ann.

  2. I’m surprised that somebody tried to imitate you in a destructive way and got suspended. Also, I didn’t think it was possible to be suspended on Twitter anymore! I wonder what they wrote?

    All that flew by while I was trying to fix some basement drains. I hope you didn’t feel personally attacked or threatened.

    • I did not feel threatened or attacked — my wonderful followers reported that fake account very quickly and so by the time I found out about it, it was gone. I’m glad to know that somebody is still working at Twitter despite the weirdo who is in charge of it!

  3. Weird and proud of it )

  4. Debbie T

    I don’t understand the motivation of people who set up fake accounts in the name of other people. This just happened to me on Facebook. What’s the point?

    • It does seem very weird to me. This person started connecting with my followers and sending them direct messages. My assumption is that they were going to try to scam them or put malware on their computers. There are a lot of malicious weirdos out there, for sure!

  5. Many years ago, before social media really, I was trying to track down a guy from college on the internet. I thought I found him and sent him an email message. The person I contacted replied, “Unless your friend is an 82-year old retired chemistry professor I’m afraid you have the wrong person. If you find him, though, let me know. I’ve never met someone else with my name.” The weird thing is his first name was John and his last name, while unusual, still must have been shared by his family. I’m pretty sure he was kidding and I like that he had a weird sense of humor.

  6. puella33

    Sounds weird, but by memory I can recite, Elizabeth Barrett Browning ‘ sonnet.” how do I love the”. … probably because it’s so beautiful to me.

  7. There are many weird things happening on Twitter. I hope it stabilizes!

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