Day 3599: What I’m watching

Here and now, I’m watching the lunar eclipse through my window. As I watch the moon disappear, I know it will reappear again. I wish I felt that confident about eroding rights in the USA.

Later today, I’ll be watching people in remote therapy sessions and at my local polling place. In the evening, I’ll be watching the news after the polling places close. Depending upon the results, I might take a mental health break by watching Joan, who seems to spend a lot of time watching me.


Here are other things I’ve been watching lately:


I’m hoping that many Daily Bitches (like me) are voting in this election.

Here’s the first thing that shows up when I search YouTube for “what I’m watching.”


I’m watching those I love with gratitude, including you.

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13 thoughts on “Day 3599: What I’m watching

  1. and you may not have answers yet tonight. the last thing I ask myself each day is, ‘what will I dream about tonight?”

  2. congratulations annie, your post is so interesting. Given the past effort by Al Gore, to point the way towards the environmental crisis facing the world, and the trouble he found, think this, it was pouring rain, the weather a misery, in the head, I had a mission, one of many, then the light in the Sky changed, the sun is shining, don’t lose hope, and if you need a prayer, just ask, cheers

  3. I walked across the street to our polling place and cast my ballot, Ann. Now all that remains is to wait and hope.

  4. Dreamer9177

    Ann, I’m sure you feel exactly like this 😎

  5. We are enjoying some very needed rain, and I’m watching the ground just soak it up! Unfortunate timing, though, as we won’t be able to see the lunar eclipse. I’m trying to decide if I can handle watching the election returns all evening. Typically I watch for hours, but the stakes are so high tonight I’m not sure my blood pressure can take it. I hope!

  6. I am glad that Joan is keeping an eye on you!

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