Day 3595: Choices

Every day, there are choices to make.

Too many choices can be overwhelming; too few choices might feel like we’re trapped.

Yesterday, I made the choice to not connect my mental health to the choices that people might make in the USA mid-term elections. I will submit my choices when voting on Tuesday and I can only hope that others have chosen wisely.

Here are some choice quotes about choices:


Do you see choices in my other images for today?


This quote about choices by Stephen Sondheim …

… is from Sunday in the Park with George’s “Move On” and I choose to share this beautiful rendition.


My choices for ending a blog post are many, but I always choose gratitude. Thanks to all who made the choice to connect with me here today, including YOU.

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13 thoughts on “Day 3595: Choices

  1. Here’s to wise choices all the way around, Ann.

  2. I like your choices, Ann.

  3. St. Thomas Moore had to make a choice too. Whether to go along with the court of King Henry VIII and recognize his marriage after his divorce to Katherine, which was not recognized by the Catholic Church, or to stand with the Church. After being pressured by friends in the court to go along for fellowship. Thomas’ reply, while imprisoned by the King, was: “And when you go to Heaven for doing your conscience and I go to Hell for not doing mine, will you come with me for fellowship?”

  4. I hope I make good choices but I also have no choice but to admire Joan.

  5. puella33

    I chose to look at the teabag quote because it’s hopeful

  6. Peanut butter and jelly! (No, not really… but it was my choice as a kid!) Today: Reuben ❤

  7. There are times when we wonder if we’ve made the best choices, but I can honestly say that in your case, Ann, you give a lot of thought before you make yours. That’s admirable. And Miss Joan looks very confident, as well. I have a feeling she doesn’t suffer much from second guessing her choices. 😉

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