Day 3594: What the hell is wrong?

Lately, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night unable to get back to sleep. What the hell is wrong?

The polls in the United States, the week before Election Day, are indicating that fear, anger, and short-term reactivity can too often win out over long-term context and reasoning. What the hell is wrong?

There is evidence everywhere about the devastating effects of climate change, but individuals and governments are not focusing on working together to mitigate this. What the hell is wrong?

Other countries in the world have instituted effective solutions to the issue of gun violence and yet the USA is unable to follow suit despite the unassailable data about this. What the hell is wrong?

Speaking of unassailable data, so many people are swayed more by conspiracy theories and lies than by data and facts. What the hell is wrong?

In the last week, every time I check my Twitter account, I’ve lost more followers. What the hell is wrong?

In the last month, because of intermittent problems starting my yellow Honda Fit, I’ve replaced the key battery, the car battery, AND the alternator, and now my mechanic says I need a new starter. What the hell is wrong?

I apparently have redirected my anxiety about all the above (and other things I can’t control) to obsessing about trivial decisions related to our shower repair and remodel. What the hell is wrong?

I help others develop effective coping strategies to manage stress and yet I often have trouble practicing what I preach. What the hell is wrong?

What the hell is wrong with my images for today?

What the hell is wrong with men making dinner most days? As you can see from my husband Michael’s latest delicious concoction …

… nothing is wrong with that.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “what the hell is wrong?”

What the hell is wrong with asking for comments about this what-the-hell-is-wrong post?

What the hell is wrong with my expressing gratitude for all those who help me create this daily blog, including YOU?

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11 thoughts on “Day 3594: What the hell is wrong?

  1. I see absolutely nothing wrong with your images today or any day. what the hell is wrong is a construct we devise to make sense of things out of our control, at least as I see it. I can’t tell you how many times I utter that to myself or others. and it gives me a feeling of not letting the craziness go unnoticed and that gives me a feeling of having a tiny bit of power over it just by calling it out

  2. I’m with you, Ann. Find myself muttering this numerous times a day these days. Seems like people have taken leave of their senses. It’s terrifying.

  3. I think it is wrong to disqualify making food on a barbecue as cooking, Ann, as I have appreciated so many delicious meals prepared by great chefs I note of both genders in the kitchens at the handful of fantastic BBQ restaurants here where I live.
    There are greater things to stress about than that at the moment, though …
    Regarding Twitter, though, I decided not to post today there today for the first time in many years as my reaction to what the new owner has done firing people there and setting tone, but I have yet to outright cancel my account because of other factors. I do suppose the Musk effect has something to do with your loss of followers, though.

  4. puella33

    I drove by a house which had a big white cloth on its outer wall, stating “America need Trump again”. What the hell is wrong?? I have no idea.
    I think it’s nice that your husband cooks.
    If you lost followers on Twitter, well they’re not worth having as ” followers”.
    Hopefully tomorrow is a better day

  5. People are quitting Twitter, especially peaceable people, so I think many people are losing followers. We will see what happens.

  6. It’s not hard to look around us and recognize many things are the hell wrong! Many! But we can focus on what is grounded, like a husband who makes you the most delicious meals. And two cats filled with personality. A warm and loving home–nothing at all wrong with celebrating that! ❤️

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