Day 3591: Should I stay or should I go?

“Should I stay or should I go?” is a question I hear on social media and in real life. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, I’ve been hearing it there.

“Should I stay or should I go?” can be a difficult question to answer because there are pros and cons to doing either. One might say that Hamlet’s soliloquy — “To Be or Not to Be” — is asking the question “Should I stay or should I go?”

Personally, I’ve asked the question “Should I stay or should I go?” about

  • relationships,
  • work,
  • homes,
  • organizations,
  • the USA,
  • Twitter,
  • and — for a dark moment many years ago — life.

At this point, I’m staying for as long as I can, everywhere.

Here’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” by the Clash

… and by “First Drafts of Rock” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon.


Is anyone asking “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” in my images for today?

Now I have to go to work, but I hope you stay and leave a comment, below.

Thanks to all who give me the courage to stay or go, including YOU.

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19 thoughts on “Day 3591: Should I stay or should I go?

  1. Dreamer9177

    Ann, you knew I was going to post The zClash when I saw your headline! 🤣🤣

  2. I got blocked the first day I signed on a few years ago. Seems I clicked on too many people I wanted to follow for their spam algorithm. I tried to cancel out then, but it would let me.

    Years later, I tried to quit again.

    This time, it let me comment on why. Halleluiah! It decided to let me stay. Well, I never go there to read anything or to comments.

    Play with me and I’ll stick around as a contributor to your ghost demographic! I never liked the format to begin with, having signed up the first time, briefly, years before I got banned. Too short for comments.

  3. Yes, Ann, as Clash made me ponder oh these decades ago, trouble or double? As for all those bullies out there now, stare them down and declare resolutely, not me, not us, no way.

  4. I hardly ever go to Twitter. I don’t think about it…sometimes I stop in just to see. But if Musk is going to use it as his private platform to spew his craziness..well…I have enough craziness in my world without adding on.

  5. I may be leaving Twitter, not only due to the new owner, but also because I don’t engage there often and much of what I read has been political negativity, which is only going to get worse.
    Otherwise, I will continue on WordPress, Instagram and Facebook as they are my only ways to stay in touch with friends, fellow bloggers and a few celebrities (humans and furry animals alike).

  6. Luis Luis Del Castillo

    Since I always learn something new from your blog, I figure I’d tell you, Don’t know if you knew this, but in the second verse of the Clash song they repeat the phrases in Spanish, although a bit of a broken Spanish, but Spanish nonetheless, I was hoping to see it on the lyrics video,

  7. When The Clash were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame one of the members didn’t want to perform, feeling that the high ticket prices excluded people and went against the band’s philosophy of being for everyone. Being welcoming always makes me want to stay.

  8. I stay when it is deserved

  9. I hope you stay (until you don’t want to).

  10. I’m going to be very curious to see what happens with Twitter. So far, I have been inundated with quite an increase in negativity. Not sure that I can withstand that if it continues, but we’ll have to see! 🙀

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