Day 3590: Trust

In therapy, people work on trust. They ask, Who can I trust? Can I trust myself? What happens if I trust too much or trust too little?

I’ve been working in trust in therapy, too. If I have trouble trusting myself or others, I take a deep breath, slow down, and trust in my ability to move forward.

I trust there are trustworthy quotes about trust I can share with you, here and now.


Is there trust in my images for today?

I trust in young people, including my son Aaron.

Here’s what I find when I search for “trust” on YouTube.

Thanks to all those I trust, including YOU.

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18 thoughts on “Day 3590: Trust

  1. Dreamer9177

  2. I was called up for jury one time. The defendant’s attorney asked me a question about trust. “Have you ever told someone something in confidence and they repeated it?” “Yes,” I replied, “And I’m still damn pissed about it.” Needless to say, I wasn’t chosen for that jury, which involved a suit for a job denied because of something confidential that was repeated to a potential employer.

  3. Great blog post! Thanks for sharing those insightful trust quotes 🤗💪

  4. I’m very glad that at some point in the distant past people put their trust in cats and invited them into our homes and our lives. We’ve benefited so much from trusting cats that surely that should be a lesson in trusting each other.

  5. I trust you to always deliver a wonderful blog that brings joy and makes me think

  6. puella33

    Love those pictures of you, Ann. I see trust in the picture of the water. Einsteinn’s quote, because sadly, it’s the truth

  7. I trust we’ll go onward and try, try, try, Ann.

  8. Trust the Lord and His Word – live what you learn to be right – walk the talk – and you’ll not only trust, but you’ll be trustworthy!

  9. What wonderful quotes, Ann. I really enjoyed reading through them. There are so many forces currently working to undermine our accuracy and truth. I have to wonder if our ability to trust isn’t so badly undermined that we really no longer know what to trust. I can trust you for being a long distance voice of reason, and that’s a gift, my friend.

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