Day 3589: Hideaway

I’ve been spending many hours thinking about how to remodel our upstairs shower, because I want that to be a hideaway.

I don’t want to hide away why that’s so important to me: When I was a child spending too much time alone in the hospital, the private bathroom with a tub, at the end of the long hallway, was really my only hideaway. The rest of the time, I was under the eyes of doctors and nurses, hooked up to a cardiac monitor that beeped out my unusual heartbeat, day and night.

Years ago in therapy, I gave myself the healing assignment of drawing a floor plan of that Children’s Hospital cardiac unit, and the room with the tub stood out as a precious and safe hideaway.

I’m also thinking of how Jerry Seinfeld described the shower as a hideaway:


Do you see any hideaways in my images for today?

It’s such an amazing coincidence that I’m writing about hideaways on National Hermit Day!

Here’s “Hideaway” by the incredible Jacob Collier:

I can’t hide away my gratitude for all who help me share these daily posts, including YOU.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3589: Hideaway

  1. May your remodeled shower by the perfect hideaway, Ann.

  2. I hope your shower hideaway (love the Seinfeld bit) is every bit a healing sanctuary.

  3. Debbie T

    That pink shimmery spider is not as scary as a black one, in my opinion.

  4. My favorite monster is the Creature From The Black Lagoon who only just wanted to be left alone but had its home invaded then got stuck in a series of cages. That raises the question, who was the real monster?

  5. I still have great sympathy for Frankenstein, and I am a huge fan of yeti/bigfoot/sasquatch, who come would consider as monsters.

  6. Such a telling memory.

  7. Becoming a hermit is really inviting some days! Your Halloween pictures make me wish, however, that I lived in a neighborhood that had fun decorating for the fun of it. Unfortunately, we’re remote enough that we didn’t have even one trick or treater.

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