Day 3585: I am very busy

I am very busy

  • working at the hospital on Mondays,
  • doing remote therapy from my home the rest of the week,
  • blogging and tweeting every day,
  • keeping up with bills,
  • keeping up with technology,
  • maintaining my health,
  • doing word games,
  • making decisions about our upstairs shower repair,
  • dealing with insurance companies and contractors,
  • explaining things to people,
  • balancing my needs with the needs of others,
  • listening to music,
  • staying on top of the news even when the news is bringing me down,
  • rewatching movies that cheer me up, and
  • keeping track and taking care of those I love.

No matter how very busy I am, I can still feel guilty about all the things that I’m not doing, so maybe I need this “I am very busy” desk sign (which a co-worker showed me yesterday at the hospital).


I am very busy, here and now, putting together the rest of this blog post.


I am very busy trying to think of the perfect line to write here. How about this: The Daily Bitch is very busy celebrating Sourest Day.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “I am very busy.”


Thanks to all who are very busy reading this blog post, including YOU!

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9 thoughts on “Day 3585: I am very busy

  1. You keep us all informed and thinking, too, Ann!

  2. I really love that little I am busy sign. What a great idea. Excellent color as well.

    You are always busy and everything that you do is also very meaningful, including self-care.

  3. We get the New York Times on the weekends. I pull out the arts sections, the book review, the magazine, the Styles section with the weekly “Modern Love” stories, and recycle the rest.
    I don’t need to be depressed with the news and if I’m too busy to get to the fun stories they can wait.

  4. I love, love the weekend nyt crosswords! when a puzzle arrives, I am very busy trying to challenge myself to finish it.

  5. There are many very important things listed on your “to do” list, Ann. But your photos show a day that included many positive messages and encouragements. I hope that lessened the burden of care!

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