Day 3580: States

The United States of America is approaching its midterm election. I am in such a state about the state of our country that I’m afraid to read what this New York Times article states:

I’d like to state that I live in the state of Massachusetts and I wish that the state of my country and the world weren’t so precarious right now. I hope people are in clear-thinking states of mind when they vote in their local elections. The state of inflation is bad world-wide right now and we can’t overstate how often people vote based on the state of their bank accounts. .

What states can you find in my other images for today?


Here’s what I find when I search for “states” on YouTube:


What state are you in? Feel free to state your states in a comment, below.

I’m in a state of gratitude for everyone who helps me state my states every day, including YOU!

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8 thoughts on “Day 3580: States

  1. I have some worries today so can’t think of a word to fill in that blank space at the end of “no matter what happens….” But I hope that you have a worry-reduced day.

  2. Those dogs and that other cat might have put Joan in a bit of a state if she saw them when she was out with you, but still things turned out all right at the end of the day.
    Here’s hoping the same is true for all of us.

  3. no matter what happens today, I woke up to another day

  4. There are quite a few things pushing my buttons these days, and I am doing what I can think of to keep myself from finding myself in “the state” of anxiety! 🙂

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