Day 3574: Inertia

I’m feeling a lot of inertia this morning because I got my COVID booster shot yesterday, which always makes feel lousy.

I’m going to overcome that inertia to look up and share a definition of inertia.

Despite my inertia, I will share my belief that it’s impossible to remain unchanged. We all change, even when we’re not aware of it.

Do you see inertia in my images for today?

Now I have to overcome my inertia about explaining another reason why I chose “inertia” for today’s title.

Last night, my husband Michael and I were discussing “Bedazzled” — the great 1967 movie and song by Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.

The song, which both Michael and I love, includes the line “you fill me with inertia.”

When Michael told me the good news that Nick Cave and Anita Lane had recorded a version of “Bedazzled,” I eagerly looked it up, only to discover that the “inertia” line was missing!

I will now overcome my inertia to say that “Bedazzled” is still a great song without the inertia line and to express my appreciation to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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18 thoughts on “Day 3574: Inertia

  1. Your sitting still is a lot more active than most, Ann!

  2. Take it easy and enjoy the blue skies, Ann 🍁🙏🏼🧡

  3. Debbie T

    I hope you recover quickly from the booster side effects.

  4. My husband has had total inertia since he had surgery two weeks ago. I grant you, it was a big surgery, but he seems back to normal other than the laying around watching TV thing. Oh wait. That was him BEFORE the surgery too. So I guess he IS back to normal! Just venting here…where it’s safe. I hope YOU are feeling much better today from your covid booster. I got mine as well, a couple weeks ago. Sore arm for 3 days, but other than that I was good. Going in for the flu shot soon. Always something!

  5. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were a great team, but it’s also funny to me that “inertia” means feeling heavy or listless going back all the way to its Latin roots but in physics it means the tendency of an object to either stay at rest or keep moving. But I think the lesson is, whatever your inertia, find a way out of it.

  6. I see your construction inspector is on the job, well done!

  7. I really like the solid new subfloor that Joan is standing on.

    Also — lovely photos.

  8. Some wonderful music trivia! I didn’t recall the “inertia” lyrics. Perhaps I knew another version? You’ve got me wondering, which leads me to some research so that I’m not entirely giving in to inertia. I like to do nothing from time to time. 🙂

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