Day 3572: The latest news

The latest news is

  • work is progressing well on our upstairs bathroom repair,
  • Joan the cat wants to go out and play,
  • I want to go out and play,
  • I’m recovering nicely from recent medical scares,
  • the USA mid-term elections hang in the balance,
  • it’s the scariest time of the year, for so many reasons,
  • I have no plans to retire because I love my work so much,
  • I’m traveling down the Rhine River in May with people I love,
  • we broke our usual routine and went food shopping on a Tuesday,
  • I’ve schedule my booster shot and my license renewal for the same day,
  • I’m thoroughly enjoying The Bear, The Last Movie Stars, and Schitt’s Creek on TV,
  • I’ve discover the joys of bubble tea, and
  • the amazing Angela Lansbury passed away yesterday.

Do you see the latest news in my images for today?

The latest news is that there are soooo many National Days for October 12, 2022, including National Freethought Day (related to the Salem Witch trials, which is news to me).

It’s no news to me that the late Angela Lansbury was the definitive Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd. The latest news is that this is the only version of “A Little Priest” on YouTube that includes that iconic performance.

And here she is performing “A Little Priest” (which is a good example of my sense of humor) in her late 70s:

The latest news is my sincere gratitude for all who helped me create this latest blog post, including YOU.

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7 thoughts on “Day 3572: The latest news

  1. Thank you for sharing your good news on this Wednesday, Ann.

  2. love the good news, love all the special days and love, love schitt’s creek – in spite of the family’s eccentricities, they do really care about each other and are not mean

  3. Debbie T

    I’ll be traveling down the Rhine and Danube Rivers starting next week! First big trip since pandemic started.

  4. I am in a bus, heading for Seattle. It is still dark out although we left an hour ago. I am happy to read your good news by the illumination of my phone. Especially that you are recovering from your health scare. (Health necessity. 🙂)

  5. The latest news for me is I am traveling soon to the East Bay and a Halloween visit with my 5-year old grandson. He is going to have a new baby brother soon, so I’m looking forward to some time with him before his little world dramatically changes. Bless him!

    Glad you’re watching Schitt’s Creek. I absolutely LOVED that series. It’s a good antidote to all the stress leading up to the mid-terms. I always watch the election results as they come in, and I think I may not this year. I think I may need to take the position “wake me when it’s over,” so maybe we’ll have a Schitt’s Creek marathon that night instead? ❤️

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