Day 3564: Unanswered questions

I think many of us have unanswered questions, so that’s why I asked this question last night on Twitter:


Sometimes we need to come up with our own answers to unanswered questions, and then move on.

Are there any unanswered questions in my other images for today?

Speaking of unanswered questions, I’d like to ask the Daily Bitch how she comes up with so many great calendar entries.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “unanswered questions.”


I like this unanswered question in the comments section for that video:


Thanks to all who have unanswered questions, including YOU!

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11 thoughts on “Day 3564: Unanswered questions

  1. I am working with advisors to get answers to questions to meet deadlines before the end of this year, Ann.

  2. Leon Fairbanks

    Brings to mind Father Guido Sarducci.

  3. Dreamer9177

    I would ask “Can I help?”

  4. I spend the better part of most days answering, or trying to answer, other peoples’ questions, and lately the question I personally seem to be asking the most is, “Can I get a little help here?”

  5. My first internal response to the question of “unanswered” questions is that I may not want to know the answers. I think somewhere along the way I must have formulated a reservation that riffs off of “curiosity killed the cat.” I’m such a curious person when it comes to knowledge, but that’s obviously general knowledge and not very personal. Thanks for the good conversation, Ann. I haven’t previously thought of this and I was surprised at my reaction. 🙀

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