Day 3560: Expectations

I don’t know what people’s expectations are about my blog, but you can usually expect to see the Daily Bitch calendar.


It’s not unrealistic to expect that there are many quotes out there about expectations.


I wonder if my other images for today will meet your expectations.

In a therapy group last night, several people expressed relief that the month of September is coming to a close, so my expectation is that some of my readers may feel the same way.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “expectations.”

I have no expectations about what comments people might make about this “expectations” post, but I’m still looking forward to them.

Any expectations about how I’m going to end this post?

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15 thoughts on “Day 3560: Expectations

  1. I expect to appreciate your views here daily, Ann.

  2. trust, Thanks for your post, always above, expectations, cheers

  3. I expect to find, if I am lucky once again, that you are writing and thinking about life.

    Also, photos of cats, food and water are a plus. 💜

  4. Dreamer9177

    Ann, expectations lead to

  5. I don’t know other peoples’ circumstances so my expectations are only for me.

  6. I expect to always try to do my best

  7. Debbie T

    For me, the best attribute in a friend is the ability and willingness to listen to and understand what I’m saying, and not try to convince me that my preferences/choices/wants are somehow inferior to theirs.

  8. I expect to keep learning the lessons that I need, and maybe a few I don’t necessarily want to learn.

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