Day 3559: Rough seas

Rough seas are everywhere, it seems.

That “rough seas” sign showed up for the first time yesterday in my neighborhood, which is by the sea. Our seas are blessedly calm this morning, as I read about the rough seas in the rest of the world.

I do believe that rough seas make good sailors, but they also make people sick. I hope we can navigate our way to calming the rough seas before it’s too late.

Do you see rough seas in my other images for today?


Rough seas make the Daily Bitch even bitchier.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “rough seas.”

Thanks to all who navigated their way through rough seas to be here, now.

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10 thoughts on “Day 3559: Rough seas

  1. I love your photos of water, rough seas or calm.

    Does that friendly orange cat visit you on your walks often? Has he ever met Joan?

    I hope that you have calm seas today, Ann

  2. I’ve never had a problem with seasickness all the times I’ve been on boats. In fact I’ve helped others who were dealing with seasickness, in spite of never having lived near water. But I’m also always happy to be on or near the water, so maybe that explains it.

  3. ⛵️

  4. I am ‘motion sensitive’ but love the sea, so I make it work. my wish is for my daughters, sons in law and grandchildren on – have lives filled with love –

  5. I get ill on the seas (and tidal lakes and even a rolling pond or two), Ann. But these days I worry about our humankind roughed up by rushing waters brought inland by the big wind.

  6. The rough seas of late, both figurative and courtesy of Leo, have me contemplating how to be a comfort. The “angst level” feels very high.

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