Day 3556: Honestly

Honestly, I’ve been having trouble deciding what to call today’s post.

Honestly, I often take my cues from the Daily Bitch Calendar.

Honestly, I don’t expect to outlive my dear husband Michael, because I’m 10 years older than he is and I have complicated medical issues. Honestly, Michael keeps telling me that I’m going to outlive him and, honestly, I prefer to focus on the wonderful moments we are sharing with each other now.

Honestly, today is the 12th anniversary of our first encounter online through the dating app OkCupid.

Honestly, I’ve preserved and printed out all the messages Michael and I exchanged online before we met in person on Halloween, 2010. Honestly, I think that collection would make a great epistolary novel.

Honestly, I don’t observe Jewish holidays any more but I do want to wish everyone who celebrates them a Happy New Year today.

Honestly, I’m relieved that my INR is in a safer range, as of this morning.

Honestly, sometimes life is a little overwhelming.

Honestly, these are all the other images I have to share with you now.


Honestly, for me, every day has to be Situational Awareness Day.

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “honestly.”

Honestly, I am very, very thankful for YOU.

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25 thoughts on “Day 3556: Honestly

  1. This was a fun start to the day! I’m 6 years older than my hubby and I just say that neither one of are going anywhere for a long, long time!

  2. love the early messages between you and these give me hope for my online dating experiences, always an adventure –

  3. Marla Zavada

    Honestly. I think your a hoot. Your the best person I ever met on Twitter. I also love Rex he’s a wonderful doggo. Stay well. In todays world it’s hard to meet a good soul. Honestly. Your friend. Marla

  4. I do like beets very much. I have no favorite comic book characters but I am partial to Calvin and Hobbes and some of the Peanuts characters. I admire the work of some graphic novelists and graphic memorists.

    I hope you and Michael live a long long time, healthily.

  5. I honestly love beets (but only if they are pickled). I honestly like some people better that way, too. I honestly hope you and Michael die simultaneously at the age of 90 and 100 because you heard something funny and you laughed your heads off. (You won’t need your heads in heaven anyway!)

  6. Dreamer9177

    Honestly, you need to spend more time with your husband and less time writing about how you should spend more time with your husband. 😁

  7. Dreamer9177

  8. As long as we’re being honest I like beets, and also peas which my father detests. He grew up having to eat peas. And, while my favorite comic book character is Spider-Man, I went out one Halloween as Rorschach from The Watchmen. While it was a great costume I honestly have qualms about him as a character.

  9. When Jackie and I got together again, knowing that I had been widowed twice, she said “You’re not burying me”

  10. I am so glad you and Michael found each other, Ann.

  11. How delightful to hear that you saved your on-line communications with Michael! I am thinking that the happiness the two of you share, the mutual love and support and the joy shared is going to give you both long lives. I believe that!

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