Day 3555: Confetti Moments

While preparing for today’s blog post, I came across the term “confetti moments” and assumed I knew what that meant.

To me, “confetti moments” are when you choose to celebrate …

  • something you’ve accomplished,
  • somebody/something you love, or
  • just being alive.

I remember moments when I would say this to patients who had good news to report: “I wish I had some confetti I could throw right now!” I even fantasized about inventing a reusable confetti-moment device that threw confetti attached to invisible, retractable strings.

In a day filled with confetti moments yesterday, my husband Michael and I had one last night when my car wouldn’t start after we had dinner out at a favorite restaurant. Working together, we figured out the problem and easily fixed it! 🎉

Do you see confetti moments in my images for today?


Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “confetti moments.”

Thanks to all who give me confetti moments, including YOU!

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9 thoughts on “Day 3555: Confetti Moments

  1. Debbie T

    The blue sky over the water is breathtakingly beautiful in your pictures. And so calming.

  2. Once when I was watching Rip Taylor a joke he told bombed and he yelled, “This is it, folks, I don’t dance!” and threw confetti. I thought that was so funny I’ve hoped to use it myself someday. For now I’ll just say Shana tova.

  3. I am a confetti fan and love when I find it places, knowing a celebration has taken place, and somebody was very happy about something.

  4. Congratulations on diagnosing and fixing your yellow car, Ann! That is truly a confetti moment. Joan happy on her string, too.

  5. I love to think “confetti moments” can be almost any time! I have never heard that special mention before, but I am going to remember it. And celebrate when I can!

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