Day 3554: Trying to make sense of things

Here and now, I’m trying to make sense of things, including:

  • Why my INR level dipped dangerously low yesterday,
  • Why I thought to check my INR earlier than usual (thank goodness),
  • How it was so difficult to get the shots I needed to protect myself from having such a low INR from my local pharmacy,
  • Why I’m doing a better job administering those shots than some trained professionals did last week at a Georgia hospital when my INR was also dangerously low,
  • Why some people that I reach out to take so long getting back to me,
  • Why the repair of our upstairs bathroom is taking so long,
  • Why some days have so many National Day observances and other have so few,
  • Why so many people in the USA don’t exercise their right to vote,
  • Why so many people get fooled by toxic narcissists, and
  • How I continue to remain sane through all of this.

Yesterday, my dear friend Carol and I discussed how trying to make sense of things can lead to magical thinking.

For example, I’ve been trying to make sense of the unexpected and scary medical things I’ve been dealing with lately by magically thinking they might be the the result of:

  • my unexpectedly being reassured by a new cardiologist this month that my very unusual heart was serving me very well and should keep me alive for many years to come,
  • my not observing the Jewish High Holidays,
  • my boldly and confidently sharing my original song “Everybody‘s Somebody’s Asshole” with total strangers in Georgia and getting a delighted reaction, and
  • being “too” confident in general.

I’m wondering how you are trying to make sense of things (including this blog post) right now.

Please join me in trying to make sense of my images for today.

Thanks to the National Days website, now I’m making sense of National Seat Check Saturday.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “trying to make sense of things.”

Gratitude always helps me make sense of things, so thanks to those who visit this daily blog, including YOU!

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9 thoughts on “Day 3554: Trying to make sense of things

  1. So glad to have had the time together yesterday . Whatever your thinking, during all the years we have known one another, regardless of your circumstance, emotions ,or multiple perspectives from which you approach your explanation of the quandary before you-(is not magical thinking a logic strategy formulated when we are very young and are facing all manner of events including, literally surviving, while surrounded by often non comprehending adults, or alone?) you act on your own best behalf. It is a beautiful and moving power to witness and to go through, together. I know you share your wisdom and humanity through your work and play, and that you buffer the blows with a startling and delicious wit that heartens your patients and gathers your beloveds closer to you. Love you, Ann.

  2. I have magical thinking in my tool belt for sure, and I’d say the way to make sense of your bathroom project is to make a paradigm shift from long, dragged out, never-ending project to a bathroom saga, an epic, told over time and generations. if it is done before that point, it’s a bonus win.

  3. I’m thinking that I hope your medical woes clear up in some way or another, magically or scientifically or touched by a hand above, Ann!

  4. Do you think there’s any chance that your medication could be faulty? Sometimes medications get recalled because they don’t have the right dosage or something. This might be a long shot… But you never know

    I’m sorry that you are anxious and that you have good reason to be anxious. I remember how very anxious you were before your heart surgery a few years ago.

    I wish the work on your upstairs bathroom was finished already! That leak really caused a lot of turmoil for you and Michael, didn’t it?

    I’m happy to read that you found a delighted audience.

    • Thank you as always, Maureen, for trying to make sense of things. I actually considered the possibility that the medication could be faulty but I think that a bad batch of Coumadin would be highly publicized. 💕

  5. Although I’m sorry to learn that you’ve had some health concerns of late, I am very glad to read how careful you are and to realize that you are a very capable advocate for your own well-being. I think adding the idea that trying to make sense of things leads to magical thinking is helpful. So often I think that if I can just think long and hard about any number of areas that confound me, I will understand. Some things will just never make sense to me. I have a very long list of frustrations from the political sphere. I will NEVER sufficiently understand. 😜

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