Day 3549: I Saw the Light

“I Saw the Light” is a song I love by Todd Rundgren.

My husband Michael and I danced to “I Saw the Light” after I got home from a trip where I saw the light at Disney World, the gorgeous islands off the Southeast coast of Georgia, and (unexpectedly) a Georgia hospital after I had a TIA.

During a long and restorative walk in my neighborhood yesterday, I Saw the Light.


For me, I Saw the Light means that I’m in the moment, observing the beauty surrounding me, and realizing again an important lesson I learned when I was young: life is short and every day is precious.

I Saw the Light when I was capturing all these other images for today’s blog post.

On this precious day when people might be talking like pirates while eating butterscotch pudding, what does “I saw the light” mean to you?

I saw the light while gathering expressions of gratitude for all those who have helped me see the light, including YOU!

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13 thoughts on “Day 3549: I Saw the Light

  1. The manner in which Michael, Harley and Joan see the light with you is quite wonderful, Ann.

  2. Dreamer9177

    Anne, you should have expected this 😄

  3. Those are great photos of Michael with cats! Could be greeting cards.

  4. I see the light in most everything, even if it’s only the slightest glimmer

  5. What a wonderful return home! I think Michael was very glad to see the light in your eyes. ❤️

  6. Love this theme! During a few hypnotherapy healing sessions I saw the light blazing out from within me after a bunch of blackness left. It was pretty cool. I love seeing the light in peoples eyes when they laugh.

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